"When I first met Dr. Anita, she was joining a volunteer board that I was directing. Little did she know that I was questioning my role as director and mulling over a complete change in career. It turns out her placement on my board was providential. In less than a year, I was unemployed and unclear as to what to do next. Dr. Anita coached me through the transition and remains my sounding board and source of wisdom.


t was Dr. Anita’s warmth and insight that quickly drew me to her. It is her unflatering belief in me and my future that makes her an incaluable coach and friend.

I encourage you to reach out to Dr. Anita and consider how a coaching relationship with her can set you on your right path. It will be an investment in yourself that will reap a lifetime of benefits."

Colleen K. Heykoop

Organizational Development Professional

Enterprises, Inc.

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