"It was largely due to Dr. Anita’s courageous coaching style that I was able to successfully manage three competing priorities of family, career, and academic pursuits and finally complete my Ph. D. while at the same time transition into my dream career, both within a year’s time.


I refer to her coaching style as courageous because it centered around her willingness to ask the tough questions and hold me accountable. I had tried a couple of coaches prior to Dr. Anita and they did not work out, primarily because they were too wimpy.


It was too easy to give them “explanations” for my lack of progress and enroll them in my excuses. Dr. Anita had NONE of that. My lame excuses would not work with her and I felt compelled to deliver on my commitments to her that benefitted me. Her tough questions helped me get to the core of my self-imposed obstacles and achieve my big goals."

Dr. Bill Jacox

HR Division Manager & Director

Enterprises, Inc.

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