Corporate Client Testimonials


Dr. Anita’s unique guidance in Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging is not only well researched and practical but also edifying and inspiring. She demonstrates that by inviting everyone to the table to share openly and honestly, we can peel away our individual and collective biases and affect change together.

As a Mexican-American woman disheartened by unsettling trends in our culture, I came away hopeful that we can make significant progress toward inclusivity. Her workshop was an “a-ha” experience that confirmed my inner hopes and highest values. It provided me with a heightened clarity on this complex subject – a transformative tool that will prove invaluable both in my personal and professional life. Thank you, Dr. Anita, you are a person that is and will always be a life changer!

Rachel E. Ramirez
Performance Excellence Partners, LLC

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Gloria Hale
Hale Glass

I didn't want the day to get away without telling you how much your presentation (Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging: A Primer) touched a couple of attendees, including me. One of my dear friends who attended told me she could have listened to you talk for another hour. Another dear friend of mine was so moved by your personal stories, as you could see, that she couldn't hold back the tears. What a wonderful gift you gave all of us from a different perspective, unlike what's seen every day in the media. You brought it home in a way that touched our hearts and we won't soon forget. Thank you.

"I invited Dr. Anita to facilitate a workshop for my leadership team that was the kick-off for new series. Within the first 10 minutes of observing her, I knew I had chosen the right facilitator.

Although she and I had only spoken once, it was clear that she listened between the lines and knew exactly what I wanted for my team based on our conversation.


After my opening remarks, I had intended to stay for a short time. But I was so impressed that I rescheduled another meeting and stayed for 75% of the session.

I mentioned that Dr. Anita kicked-off a new leadership series for my team and after the group had experienced another facilitator, they overwhelmingly said, “Please bring Dr. Anita back!” And I was happy to do so."

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Scharrell Jackson

Partner, Chief Operating Officer | Chief Financial Officer, SquarMilner 

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“What our team loved most about working with Dr. Anita were her practical tools, real-world activities, and an atmosphere of engagement. The experiential learning was so impactful that people were immediately able to make connections back to situations they had experienced prior to the workshop and leave with strategies to implement the very next day.”

Lisa Kalfus

V.P. of Marketing, Wente

As CEO of JM Clark and Company and former Senior HRVP, with overall responsibility for three business groups and 20K people; I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Anita for approximately ten years.


I have seen her in action, in front of all size groups as a speaker and facilitator. Anita and I worked together as consultants, most recently with MGM in Las Vegas, facilitating D&I sessions throughout the organization. 


In addition to being a subject matter expert on D&I, two of Anita’s many gifts are authenticity and the ability to connect with individuals at all levels within an organization.  Anita has a way of sharing information that not only enables learning but creates an environment where participants feel safe to share and learn.


Anita understands the importance of diversity and inclusion to an organization’s success and is able to facilitate in a way that appeals to, and aligns with the business.  As good as her technical skills, experience, and demonstrated results are; her personal qualities and characteristics are every bit as remarkable.


Anita’s work ethic, open-mindedness, ability to grasp and share key concepts are top drawer. An excellent communicator, a person of high integrity, a trusted colleague, and partner serve as the foundation for her success.


I would hire Anita in a minute. She is the kind of person people want to work with and for and would be an outstanding addition to any team and organization.

Joan M. Clark

Chief Operating Officer

JM Clark & Company

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"The Rehrig Pacific leadership team and I are incredibly excited to have chosen Dr. Anita Polite-Wilson to guide us through our journey towards greater Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging.  We pride ourselves on our value of Family and to truly represent that requires that everyone feels a sense of belonging.  Not only will our journey satisfy our Values, reaching our goals will drive improved results for our business.  


In the brief time that we have been engaged with Dr. Anita, she has demonstrated a commitment to each Rehrig Pacific Family member that goes far beyond what is normally expected in a consultative relationship.  Dr. Anita has a fantastic mix of insightful, tough questions and a supporting, caring method.  I am positive that Rehrig Pacific will meet our goal of becoming a more diverse, inclusive company with Dr. Anita’s help and I am thrilled that she is working with us.

Will Rehrig, CEO,

Rehrig Pacific Company

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My experience with Dr. Anita has absolutely been phenomenal.   Since my first interaction with her, which has only been a few weeks, I feel a sense of trust, honesty, and integrity.  Her commitment to supporting her clients is unprecedented, and I’m truly excited about having her lead us on this journey of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at Rehrig Pacific.  We couldn’t have hired a better person. 

Derek Fields, SVP, Sales & Marketing

Rehrig Pacific Company