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As a course developer, workshop facilitator, and conference speaker,

my focus is on delivering a transformational experience. My style is to connect 
people through joint dialogue and the co-creation of new knowledge.

If you’re seeking opportunities to experience personal growth at your own pace through
an online
course, or with others in a safe place to be authentic, you’ll want to be part of my

Gifted 2 Shift Community.

The 5-phase SHIFT Reflective Learning Model© developed as a result of my research,

each action learning activity emphasizes the following steps:

Self-Assess | Hone-in | Investigate | Fix | Team.

Online courses are completely self-paced, and Small Group Intensives are typically all day.

Workshops vary from half-day events to a series. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find

it among the Gifted 2 Shift Community

Gifted 2 Shift Academy | WOW Women of Worth | MWM Men Who Mentor

For information about online courses, in-person Small Group Intensives for groups between 6-8, or workshops, contact us!