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The Gift That Keeps On Giving ( 4 of 4) | Belonging is Demonstrated

Let’s look at ways to celebrate and demonstrate Belonging as a lifestyle during the holidays.

One of my favorite podcast guests, Ms. Lisa Holmes, Founder and CEO of Strategic Performance of Los Angeles, a Human Resources thought leader, and Lifestyle expert is wonderful at creating an atmosphere of belonging.

Lisa often makes the connections between the role of a Chief Human Resources Officer, the 3 practices of thriving communities, and her influence as a Lifestyle Expert. She also promotes a correlation between EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCES, EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT, a sense of BELONGING, and WORKFORCE SUSTAINABILITY.

The Practice of the Table can be used to invite folks to share and talk about their favorite holiday cookies and the role food plays in creating a sense of BELONGING for any occasion, including through shared EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCES in the workplace.

An understanding about how creating a sense of belonging in the workplace can easily extend to a willingness to stand in solidarity together in ways that increase EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT is a demonstration of the Practice of the Commons.

Finally, the significance of the Practice of the Hearth makes it safe to have hot topic conversations without burning down our relationships which is critical to fostering WORKFORCE SUSTAINABILITY.

I encourage you to embrace the holiday season by taking the time to pause and reflect on the fact that Belonging is a lifestyle. And, that Belonging is most evident during the holidays because true Belonging is all about HUMAN AFFIRMING BEHAVIORS.

Being intentional about practicing human affirming behaviors all year long is the gift that keeps on giving!

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