Destimony: The Journey of Me on the Road to I AM

Destimony: The Journey of Me on the Road to I AM speaks to the journey of nine extraordinary women that will make you laugh, cry, and reflect on your own journey to uncover your "I AM". A women's journey is paved with Trials, Tribulations, and powerful Transformations that shape who we think we are, what we think we want and who we are destined to BECOME.Many women walk around wearing someone else's vision of who they should be because of fear, doubt, and limited-beliefs. We were programmed to expect less and feel guilty for wanting more; however, during our darkest moments lies an opportunity to SHIFT and in the midst of our greatest uncertainty we must make the SHIFT to see beauty in our brokenness. We cannot love WHO we are today if we lament all the experiences that made us. The storms of life are not sent to destroy, yet to strengthen your sails for what's to come. Embrace the winds of the storm for they propel you closer to your purpose. Dr. Deena C. Brown

Destimony: The Journey of Me on the Road to I AM

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