Stay Woke

I don’t need to tell you that the workplace of today is still figuring out what the “new normal” will be. That includes determining whether or not progress made in the workplace of yesterday will be evident in the workplace of the future.


For many reasons and on many levels, it will be critical for you to understand how to navigate office politics and sustain professional progress. Make no mistake, whether you consider yourself to be a political player in the workplace or not, you need to be politically savvy.


It’s high time you know what you don’t know about the implications of office politics in order to successfully navigate a politically charged workplace.

Inside this book, you will be introduced to:

• What Being “Woke” Really Means (Enlightening the UN-politically Savvy

• Office Politics 101: Perceptions and Perspectives

• Level Up as a Leader: Do It for Yourself & Others


With an understanding of the word “woke” in its original context, being “woke” can also be appreciated from the position of leveling the playing field in pursuit of fair exchanges for ourselves and for others.

Stay Woke

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