You're Not The Only One Getting The Shaft

You’re Not The ONLY ONE Getting The SHAFT!: How To Leverage Workplace Challenges & Develop Career Agility


This book is based on a philosophy that I have consistently proven to be true: Change Your Frame, Change Your Focus, Change Your Future©. Objectivity is crucial in determining real vs. perceived challenges in our lives. However, in the midst of workplace challenges, objectivity is sometimes difficult to attain.


When you change your frame about a situation from the context of your current perspective to the context of an alternative perspective, you change your focus and increase your capacity to consider other contributing factors.


Based on what is revealed from this newfound focus, a variety of options can emerge resulting in a more positive attitude and actions that can change your future.


Inside this book, you will be introduced to:

• Change Your FRAME
• Change Your FOCUS
• Change Your FUTURE


After reading this guidebook, I intend for you to think of getting the shaft as a forcing function to take stock of your skills, strengths, and potential to move up the company ladder, or move out and move on!

You're Not The Only One Getting The Shaft