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Rori Baron

Senior Vice President, Human Capital

Rehrig Pacific Company

Our company is privately owned and led by the great-grandson of the original founder. As a manufacturer and supply chain solutions provider, we have nearly 50 locations throughout the country to better serve our customers. This structure sometimes leads to unique challenges as we try to communicate our mission, vision, and values and develop our leaders and team members; however, we believed that we were doing our best to uphold our guiding principles.


In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, our leadership team understood the need to address the inequities in our own system in order to remain true to our culture. We knew we were good; we also knew we could be better. As a member of the leadership team and the head of our Human Capital function, I took the lead in finding a consultant who could support our efforts.


We spoke to several consulting firms during our vetting process. It became apparent very quickly that Dr. Anita was best equipped to partner with us for several reasons:


- Dr. Anita is well-versed in Korn Ferry competencies, which we use to develop our core performance behaviors and learning programs that increase our leadership effectiveness. She incorporated our established guiding principles into our journey.


- Dr. Anita is certified in psychological safety concepts and applications that help leaders provide the environment that allows team members to show up as their authentic selves and speak to their true feelings. -


-Dr. Anita is an excellent facilitator. She knows when to let the conversation flow, and she knows when to pull the group back when it veers off track. She is skilled at giving everyone in the room a voice and space to be heard.


- Dr. Anita understood that as a leadership team, the journey had to start with us. I can’t stress this enough; the journey must start with the leadership team’s journey, leading to a personal commitment to the success of the journey. This is no one-and-done situation; true commitment to belonging must be embedded into the culture in a very real way from the top down in order to be effective. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and the leadership team must be on board for the entire trip.


- Dr. Anita demonstrated the courage to put her hand up and challenge the team. She pushed us to focus on our own belonging as a team before moving forward with the rest of the company. Because of that, we are a stronger, more effective, and bolder team than we had ever been. We now have the stamina to make belonging a reality in our company.


- Dr. Anita’s follow-up is exceptional. She provided a summary of our sessions, including action items and a plan forward. By the end of our Mastermind sessions, we had a commitment statement, a Strategic Implementation Plan for the leadership team, and a consolidated 5-point plan for all of the functions in the company.


As a result of Dr. Anita’s 6-month Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging C-suite Mastermind, we are now equipped to drive our strategic and functional plans through the company. Our Belonging initiatives are incorporated into our business strategies, learning and development programs, hiring practices, and performance management. We know we are still at the early stages of our belonging journey, and it is very satisfying to know we now have a map to follow.


I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Anita as a Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging consultant. If you truly want to see your company become more innovative, high-performing, and authentic with a true commitment to belonging, Dr. Anita will help you get there.

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