Dr. Anita distinguishes herself from other consultants by providing, specific expertise needed

just-in-time to achieve objectives. She believes in engaging with internal subject matter experts to execute meaningful initiatives that transforms culture and delivers value.

As a subject matter expert who is willing to get in the trenches with you, she gets results.

Leadership Coaching

There is a BIG Difference Between Leading and Managing

Dr. Anita’s “Level-Up Leadership” Program Gets Everyone to Bring Their “A” Game


Working with leaders for more than 20 years, Dr. Anita has been successful at shifting the paradigm of change management from “check-the-box-initiatives" having little or no impact, to

“change-the-culture-behaviors" that will noticeably improve collaborations. She has studied workforce trends for over ten years and creates programs that increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity for corporate, government, and nonprofit entities of all sizes across various industries.

Employee Engagement

2020 is a Whole New Decade – Let’s Break the Cycle of Groundhog Day

Dr. Anita’s “Workplace Reality” Program Shifts Team Dynamics to a Whole New Level


Dr. Anita is passionate about transformational learning in a psychologically safe, inclusive environment where every voice matters. She designs facilitated learning conversations that allow people to reflect on their experiences, reframe their perceptions, refocus on the right priorities, and move forward with a new perspective, tools, and strategies for immediate action.


Career Development

Discover the Power of Having the Right People in the Right Places doing the Right Things for the Right Reasons 

Dr. Anita’s “Talent-to-Task” Program aligns People with Purpose

Coaching is a vital component of professional development that links workshop lessons to workplace life. Through personalized development plans, Dr. Anita has coached and mentored hundreds of emerging, first-time, and mid-career leaders at various levels nationwide for Fortune 500 companies and organizations within aerospace, private utilities, public works, and hospitality such as Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Edison International, So Cal Gas, and MGM Resorts International.

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