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Helping leaders and teams navigate complexity and change allows me to help people recognize,

honor, and value the innate gifts and talents — also known

as strengths — of everyone on the team.


When leaders and teams discover, develop, and deploy their strengths together,

they experience the undeniable power of leveraging individual strengths to

accelerate organizational performance.

Strengths are foundational to creating a team identity that ensures everyone is aligned

with what’s important, to identify the right skills mix, to developing strengths in new ways.


I’ve even done the case studies and have the testimonials to prove it:

“I feel that Strengths Finder 2.0 has helped us understand that everyone has different

strengths and when we build on them we make each other more powerful.”

If you want to experience the exponential power of your team, let’s plan your

Strengths-Based Organization workshop!