Sonny A. Tribouillier
Los Angeles County, CA

For quite some time, I had been seeking and applying to management positions but never got a call or an interview. The one interview I did get, I was told that I needed more experience. Frustrated with my situation, I decided to sign up for a leadership course where I would have the pleasure to meet Dr. Anita Polite-Wilson.

In one of our class assignments, I had an urge to get up and share my frustration.  I didn’t know what to do with my career and quite honestly, I felt lost and in need of guidance.  I declared that I was fed up and was willing to explore outside the aerospace industry I was in. Dr. Anita took our discussion to a deeper level while in front of the class.  I felt at ease the whole time and was surprised on how well Dr. Anita had given me the space to dig and do some soul searching myself. After our enlighten conversation, she offered some coaching sessions.

In the coaching sessions that followed, Dr. Anita helped me gain clear focus of my surroundings and what I personally had gained throughout the years.  I learned about those whom I reported to and the functional/matrix organization I had been a part of.  This gave me confidence and a better understanding of the positions in the organization and responsibilities.  It was in the last coaching session with Dr. Anita that really hit home with me.  She was inspiring, motivating and captivating.

If you look back in your life, there are people that help change/shape the direction in which you are going. I have to say that Dr. Anita is one of those individuals. She eloquently leads and teaches you to be your best self and her questioning of your motives and desires allows you to self-reflect and see what is most important to you. Anyone who coaches with Anita will be successful.

Allow her to help you ... where you are destined to go.

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