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Behind the Mic with Dr. Anita (2 of 9) | Intention, Clarity & Purpose

Leaning into 2022 with intention has led to really thinking about what I’m thinking about, which is known as metacognition.

Like traditional spring-cleaning, getting clear about purpose may sound simple until we get started and realize that we’ve underestimated just how much stuff needs to be dealt with. In the end, it can be as fulfilling as spring cleaning that clears away the clutter and leaves us with what really matters.

After the process, we are empowered with a glow of clarity that gives off the warm feeling of sunshine that beams through bright, shiny glass and illuminates the whole house. Clarity of purpose illuminates your whole being. And the process of becoming even a little clearer about any facet of your life is vitally important.

As an activity that will feed your leadership soul, invest time to think about what YOU’RE thinking about in terms of intention, clarity, and purpose. Let’s undertake this process of metacognition together as a way to feed our collective leadership soul that will hopefully bring us one step closer to a sense of belonging as a community.

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