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Free 30-min Discovery Call

Anita Polite-Wilson, Ph.D., iPEC PCP

Career & Life Strategist a.k.a.


“Don’t let the nice smile fool you!”

Sometimes people get so excited about the idea of working with a coach that they forget to assess their readiness.

Make no mistake—coaching requires you to work: mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Even if coaching takes place over the phone, you cannot just “phone it in”.

You must be “all in” -- No excuses!

Ask yourself three simple questions to assess your readiness for coaching:

  1. Is it the right thing?

  2. Is it the right thing for me?

  3. Is it the right thing for me, right now?

Talk to others, do some research, think it over. If you know coaching is the right thing for you, right now, reach out to me.

Let’s get going – No excuses!

What I Do

I help people realize three things about themselves:

  1. You are gifted to SHIFT into new levels of success

  2. You are packaged with potential for purpose

  3. You are experienced enough to find answers from within

How often have you been asking yourself the types of questions below?

  • Who am I really?

  • What is my ultimate purpose?

  • When do I start living my best life?

  • Where do I begin figuring it all out?

  • Why am I struggling internally?

  • How do I begin to take action that is meaningful?

Is This You?


We all go through phases of seeking clarity in life. Occasionally we need to focus on a short-term goal. Sometimes, we need to do things differently and create new habits over time. Once in a while we need a full-on journey of self-discovery.

Whatever your challenges, I am your Success Partner and I’ve got three ways to help you figure things out.

Immediate Change

Solution-Based Coaching

  • One focus, one goal

  • Four sessions

  • Once a week

  • 1-month program

Impactful Change

Strengths-Based Coaching

  • Top 5 Strengths

  • Six sessions

  • Every other week

  • 3-month program

Integrated Change

Core Compass Coaching  

  • Four life areas 

  • Twelve sessions 

  • Every other week

  • 6-12 month program


If you think you’re ready, here’s a sample of what to expect:

“Due to Dr. Anita’s courageous coaching style, I finally completed my Ph.D. and transitioned into my dream career, both within a year’s time. I refer to her coaching style as courageous because it centered around her willingness to ask the tough questions and
hold me accountable.

I had tried a couple of coaches prior to Dr. Anita and they did not work out, primarily because it was too easy to give them “explanations” for my lack of progress and enroll them in my excuses. Dr. Anita had NONE of that.

My lame excuses would not work with her and I felt compelled to deliver on my commitments to her that ultimately benefitted me. Her tough questions helped me get to the core of my self-imposed obstacles and achieve my big goals.”

Dr. Bill Jacox, Alameda, California

I refer to myself as The “NO EXCUSES” Coach because of Dr. Jacox.

You can count on me to hold you accountable.

If you’re done with excuses, call me.

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