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Inside an office, two individuals are talking and a third individual is walking.

If C-suite leaders aren’t in alignment about what Belonging means, how can you expect that from the rest of the organization?

I’ve been at this for a few decades, so if there’s one thing I’ve mastered with hundreds of C-suite executive teams, it’s this: fostering a deep sense of Belonging

Now it’s your turn.

Dr. Anita smiling and standing confidently.

You’ve already built a values-driven leadership team that runs on the principle of doing the right thing. 

But there is more work to be done in Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, and it has to start with the C-suite. 

Because it’s not really about hitting numbers or meeting quotas. It’s about doing the right thing. 


If you’re building an organization that wants to live up to its values and desires real cultural change, you need TRUST among C-suite leaders, who then role model inclusive leadership traits to the rest of the organization from the top through the front lines.


You deserve to have an organization where everyone feels like they truly belong, no matter what their background is.


Let me guide your C-suite leaders toward greater belonging, so you can see a noticeable shift in your entire enterprise and a significant improvement in workforce sustainability.

Pink Gradient

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Consulting for the C-Suite

Let’s create cultural shifts that cascade from the top through the front lines to ensure every employee feels like they truly belong.

The way I see it, consulting should never be cookie-cutter because every organization is different—thus, my approach to every client relationship is as unique as your workforce: 

I don’t allow shame and blame from anyone. I never want anyone to feel talked down to. I meet people where they are. We focus always on opportunities to know and grow.

I don’t believe in check-the-box initiatives—which don’t work— instead, we get to the root with change-the-culture behaviors that align with your values.

I don’t try to get any executive to passively reach agreement. Rather, we raise your awareness as a person and develop real relationships that transcend race relations. 

Ways to work together

The Diversity Dynamics Certification Program

In a group setting, Dr. Anita is sitting with a participant and listening.

For executive leaders who want to integrate Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging enterprise-wide, by starting with the C-suite.

This is a 3-phased approach spanning a 12–18 month commitment, as it begins with the C-suite and cascades to direct reports. 


By assessing Organizational Readiness within the C-suite, reinforcing Foundations of Trust among C-suite leaders, and experiencing a Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Mastermind, together we’ll create a Strategic Inclusion Plan for your C-suite to shape the employee experience, ignite employee engagement and sustain your workforce.

“Dr. Anita is the perfect consultant.”

“Dr. Anita is the perfect consultant for our current phase as a non-profit. What we most appreciate about Dr. Anita’s style is her ability to connect the dots in terms of how we show up as individuals who happen to have executive positions with the responsibility of leading others. It’s always about prioritizing relationships that foster a deep sense of belonging.”

Jerry Gonzales

VP of Talent & Culture

Abode Communities

Jerry Gonzales.

Collective Wisdom Forum

Participants at a Collective Wisdom Forum are seated in small groups and working together.

Is your organization at its initial phases of change management regarding diversity efforts?

This Organizational Effectiveness activity is a unique quarterly gathering that serves as a precursor to change management initiatives and happens quarterly over the course of a year. 


Working together, we will help your leaders and attendees structure a strengths-based way forward along a new organizational pathway together in the most impactful way.

“I have seen her in action, in front of all-size groups as a speaker and facilitator.”

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dr. Anita for approximately ten years.


I have seen her in action, in front of all-size groups as a speaker and facilitator. Dr. Anita and I worked together as consultants, most recently with MGM in Las Vegas, facilitating D&I sessions for groups of 75-100 people throughout the organization. 


Two of Dr. Anita’s many gifts are authenticity and the ability to connect with individuals at all levels within an organization. Dr. Anita has a way of sharing information that not only enables learning but creates an environment where participants feel safe to share and learn."

Joan M. Clark.

Joan M. Clark


JM Clark and Company


Executive attending a video call on a laptop.

Want to reignite education for your associates on creating a more inclusive workplace?

Book 60-minute power hour sessions to help associates understand what Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging means in a way that hits the mark on your organization’s needs. 


Perfect if you want to heighten awareness around diversity conversations, help participants become comfortable with discomfort, and equip participants with a 30-day action plan to make learning actionable.

“Dr. Anita leaves organizations with long-lasting tools and strategies.”

"Dr. Anita brings a fresh and engaging perspective to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in the workplace. Her webinars are insightful, and she is talented at leading authentic conversations while leaving an organization with long-lasting tools and strategies. I highly recommend Dr. Anita as a thought leader and innovator in DEI&B."

Beverlyn Mendez, Ed.D.


Easterseals Southern California

Beverlyn Mendez.

What They’re Saying in the C-Suite

"Dr. Anita demonstrated the courage to put her hand up to challenge and push us to focus on our own Belonging as a team before moving forward with the rest of the company."

"Dr. Anita is certified in psychological safety concepts and applications that help C-suite peers co-create an environment that allows everyone to show up as their authentic selves and to speak their true feelings. She is skilled at giving everyone in the room a voice and space to be heard. Most importantly, Dr. Anita demonstrated the courage to put her hand up to challenge and push us to focus on our own Belonging as a team before moving forward with the rest of the company." 

Rori Baron

SVP of Human Capital

Rehrig Pacific Company

Excuse the money talk, but I value honesty and transparency from the start.

Every engagement is one-of-a-kind, thus each investment reflects this. Clients invest over six figures in Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging consulting with the C-suite—because it's an investment that creates deeply transformative, long-lasting bottom-line results.

Dr. Anita works with a limited number of C-suite teams per year.

Dr. Anita standing at an angle and smiling.
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