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Speaking that Inspires Real Cultural Change 

Transformative Content for C-Suite Executives on Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Let’s go beyond surface-level talks and instead, create deeper moments that heighten awareness and leave everyone wanting to dig deeper—even when they go home.

Dr. Anita on stage with three individuals in front of an audience.

“I have seen her in action, in front of all-size groups as a speaker and facilitator. I would hire Dr. Anita in a minute.”

Joan M. Clark


JM Clark and Company

Joan M. Clark.

If you want the kind of speaker who drops AHA moments and changes lives…

“I came away hopeful that we can make significant progress toward inclusivity. Her workshop was an a-ha experience that confirmed my inner hopes and highest values. It provided me with a heightened clarity on this complex subject—a transformative tool that will prove invaluable both in my personal and professional life. Thank you, Dr. Anita, you are a person that is and will always be a life changer!”

Rachel E. Ramirez.

Rachel E. Ramirez


Performance Excellence Partners, LLC

…moves attendees to tears, touches hearts, and creates unforgettable moments…

“I didn't want the day to get away without telling you how much your presentation (Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging: A Primer) touched a couple of attendees, including me. One of my dear friends who attended told me she could have listened to you talk for another hour. Another dear friend of mine was so moved by your personal stories, as you could see, that she couldn't hold back the tears. 


What a wonderful gift you gave all of us from a different perspective, unlike what's seen every day in the media. You brought it home in a way that touched our hearts and we won't soon forget. Thank you.”

Gloria Hale.

Gloria Hale


Hale Glass

…delivers a workshop so engaging, you forget about your other plans (and other speakers)…

"I invited Dr. Anita to facilitate a workshop for my leadership team that was the kickoff for a new series. Within the first 10 minutes of observing her, I knew I had chosen the right facilitator.

After my opening remarks, I intended to stay for a short time. But I was so impressed that I rescheduled another meeting and stayed for 75% of the session.

I mentioned that Dr. Anita kicked off a new leadership series for my team and after the group had experienced another facilitator, they overwhelmingly said, ‘Please bring Dr. Anita back!’ And I was happy to do so."

Scharrell Jackson.

Scharrell Jackson

Partner, COO, CFO


…and shares practical takeaways attendees can implement immediately…

“What our team loved most about working with Dr. Anita were her practical tools, real-world activities, and an atmosphere of engagement. The experiential learning was so impactful that people were immediately able to make connections back to situations they had experienced prior to the workshop and leave with strategies to implement the very next day.”

Lisa Kalfus.

Lisa Kalfus

VP of Marketing


Then it’s time to book Dr. Anita for a keynote or team training. 

Looking for a speaker who can motivate attendees to become real change agents for Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging?

You’re in the right place. Dr. Anita has spoken internationally and as a national conference speaker, at leadership conferences like MGM Resorts 10th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference, the Circle of Change Leadership Experience, and for teams at Fortune 500 companies and other institutions.

Dr. Anita on stage with three individuals at a speaking event.

With over 2 decades of experience working with C-suite executives, Dr. Anita’s speaking engagements inspire leaders to commit to real change.

She brings her personal experiences and background as an award-winning C-Suite Trusted Advisor, Board Director, international speaker, and author to each event, so leaders walk away with an elevated understanding of how to situate themselves personally in the Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging space to create bottom-line results. 

Dr. Anita and sixteen participants posing for a group photo.

Dr. Anita and her team take time to deeply listen to the unique needs of each event’s audience and curate a thoughtful, customized talk to fit the vision of the event planner. Then, on the day of the event, Dr. Anita delivers a highly interactive talk that puts audiences at ease, creates a brave space to address complex topics with warmth and grace, and leaves attendees with the courage to challenge the status quo.


Known for prioritizing relationships, raising awareness about more inclusive leadership practices by just 1%, and empowering change-the-culture behaviors, Dr. Anita approaches each speaking engagement as an opportunity to move the hearts of every attendee. 

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Check out Dr. Anita’s signature keynote

Leading by Unpacking


This topic has made Dr. Anita a highly sought-after speaker with international reach and a recognized subject matter expert in Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging. While some talks focus on one topic, Dr. Anita’s talk draws the hidden connection points between employee experience, employee engagement, and workforce sustainability…and gives attendees a pathway to succeed on all fronts. This talk is highly interactive, customized for each audience, and is also offered as a workshop catered to the needs of any organization.



  • Cultivating a culture of Belonging does not need to be a difficult journey. But it needs to be acknowledged as something truly different.

  • Unpacking unconscious bias is critical for building transformative relationships.

  • Discarding outdated ways of being is a process.

  • Modeling the journey of inclusive leadership starts at the top.

  • Workforce sustainability is the basis for discovering mission-critical opportunities. 


This talk is intended for C-suite leaders and can be customized to meet the needs of any combination of leaders across the organization who want to make Belonging a priority for their team.

Booking speakers for your next event? 


Whether your event is virtual or in-person, we know event planning is stressful. Let’s make booking quality speakers as smooth and easy as possible. 


The form below makes it easy to start the process to book Dr. Anita as a speaker:

Dr. Anita sitting on stage with three individuals in front of an audience.
Speaker Inquiry Form

Speaker Inquiry Form

Hello! Please complete the form below to submit your speaker inquiry for Dr. Anita. Upon submission, your form will be reviewed and you will receive an email with next steps within 2–3 business days.

Please reach out to if you have any questions or concerns about your inquiry. 

Want to hear Dr. Anita speak on her podcast?

Effective C-suite leaders don't have the luxury of avoiding uncomfortable topics anymore. Lucky for you, I take a complex topic like Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging and make it safer to navigate. 


Tune in to my conversations with executives like you on the Keeping It Real with Dr. Anita podcast, the most accessible way to learn about Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging from the top through the front lines.

A mobile phone displaying the podcast Keeping It Real with Dr. Anita.
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