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Behind the Mic with Dr. Anita (8 of 9) | Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging and the C-Suite

When I lead Mastermind groups for C-suite leadership teams, I help them link DIB to Workforce sustainability | Being a good corporate citizen | The bottom line, and how each one aligns with the three practices of thriving communities like this:

The Practice of the Table equates to WORKFORCE SUSTAINABILITY by understanding and leveraging diverse lived experiences. The bias towards those who are “similar to me” is a natural human tendency. We feel more comfortable with people we feel we can more easily relate to. This “similar to me” bias can also lead to groupthink. Therefore, it makes business sense to bring a diverse set of solution generating skills to the table that are created by having a diverse group of people. While generating solutions together, relatability develops in terms of creativity and out of the box thinking among those around the table.

The Practice of the Hearth encourages vulnerability to have uncomfortable conversations that reinforce how to ACT as a GOOD CORPORATE CITIZEN by consistently approaching others with an open heart, connecting to understand other perspectives, and tapping into diversity by being culturally curious ALL FOR THE PURPOSE OF TAKING MEANINGFUL ACTION THAT HAS A LASTING IMPACT. The goal of diversity work is not necessarily to agree, but to raise awareness of diverse lived experiences, identify the areas among our lived experiences that we do agree on, such as the importance of human affirming behaviors, and move forward together with the collective perspective of a global corporate citizen.

The Practice of the Commons emphasizes actively pursuing DIB in ways that positively impact the BOTTOM LINE for both the business and for every team member who contributes to business success through equity of pay and opportunity. In this instance, pursuing DIB within the framework of the commons means ensuring equal access to information, opportunities, networks, and support systems which are all crucial for individuals to thrive at the same rate and level with which the companies they are part of thrive.

As an activity that will feed your leadership soul, think about how your actions and that of your leadership peers are contributing to workforce sustainability, exemplifying what it means to be a good corporate citizen, or impacting the bottom line for both the business and for every team member who contributes to business success through equity of pay and opportunity.

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