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Resolutions vs Intentions (3 of 4) | Rise, Strive, and Thrive with Everyday Resiliency

With an AIM SMART goal in mind, we can discover many ways to design our goal attainment strategy according to what works for us.

Which leads me to a related thought about the notion of resiliency. How are you defining that for yourself? Especially when you think about the last two years? There have been some situations in which we find ourselves asking, “How are we ever going to get through this?” And now that we’ve made it to 2023, we realize we did it!

What was it about your level or types of resilience that helped get you from 2020 to 2023? And have you taken the time to recognize and celebrate your resilience in all its various forms? This month, I want to help you set your intention for 2023 by first recognizing just how resilient you are.

Last year, a lot of things came together for me and I want to share something that I hope will help you. It's a little book called “Everyday Resiliency: A 30-Day Reflective Art Journal.” It chronicled a period of in my life when I actively experienced the process of metacognition, which is simply thinking about what I was thinking about. Drawing and journaling my thoughts committed them to visual and written expressions of the who, what, when, where, why, and how during a reflective, 30-day journey that allowed me to see just how resilient I had become during some of my most challenging days. You can now get this wonderful little tool on my website at

In the meantime, I encourage you to check out an article entitled “10 secrets of people who keep their new year’s resolutions.” Now, remember, we’re shifting from resolutions to intentions. However, I think there is some valuable information in this article that we can all benefit from. I’ve included a hyperlink at the end of this podcast for your convenience.

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