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As we continue to move forward in a new normal, which none of us really have any idea how to approach, my prayer is that we remember how it felt to be isolated from each other. When we return to our “work families” -- however that will be -- we will need to take on, what I call, the B.Y.O.B. mindset.


What does B.Y.O.B. stand for? It stands for: “Beyond Your Own Box” As a workplace habit, B.Y.O.B. is about cultivating a mindset Beyond Your Own Box in terms of thinking beyond the boxes of organizational assumptions, interpretations, and limiting beliefs, also known as what AILs us. Inside this book, you will be introduced to:

• Mindsets, Behaviors, and New Working Norms
• The B.Y.O.B. Practice in Top Companies
• 5 Steps to a B.Y.O.B. Mindset


When we, as colleagues, take the time to recognize our own needs for the sake of others, we can encourage everyone to embrace the Beyond Your Own Box mindset for the sake of others. In turn, we provide the support necessary to develop the kind of camaraderie that generates the most effective workplace habit for increased engagement and productivity while navigating ... the new normal!


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