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Coaching Client Testimonials

Coach Clients

I was introduced to Dr. Anita through NRLA. Dr. Anita made a powerful DEI presentation to the group and I knew I wanted to connect with her. I was a bit anxious about using her journal because I do not draw. However, I decided to embrace the process and after a few days added the use of colored pencils to further express myself. I enjoyed the art journal. I began to look forward to drawing a picture each day. It became fun! Drawing pictures made me think about my day differently. I have always journaled but creating a picture to visually describe the day was a challenge that I later embraced. I learned to give myself grace when faced with an uncomfortable task and to trust the process. The benefit of having Dr. Anita as a coach is having access to her as a sounding board and a safe place to be transparent when dealing with complex issues. Dr. Anita’s catch phase of Keeping It Real is more than a slogan. She has an uncanny ability to zero in on what is going on and enable you to get it real with yourself even when it’s hard. I would highly recommend the Art journal to others. I found it very therapeutic to visualize my day.


Janet Brown
Chief People Officer, ABA agency.


Sonny A. Tribouillier
Los Angeles County, CA

For quite some time, I had been seeking and applying to management positions but never got a call or an interview. The one interview I did get, I was told that I needed more experience. Frustrated with my situation, I decided to sign up for a leadership course where I would have the pleasure to meet Dr. Anita Polite-Wilson.

In one of our class assignments, I had an urge to get up and share my frustration.  I didn’t know what to do with my career and quite honestly, I felt lost and in need of guidance.  I declared that I was fed up and was willing to explore outside the aerospace industry I was in. Dr. Anita took our discussion to a deeper level while in front of the class.  I felt at ease the whole time and was surprised on how well Dr. Anita had given me the space to dig and do some soul searching myself. After our enlighten conversation, she offered some coaching sessions.

In the coaching sessions that followed, Dr. Anita helped me gain clear focus of my surroundings and what I personally had gained throughout the years.  I learned about those whom I reported to and the functional/matrix organization I had been a part of.  This gave me confidence and a better understanding of the positions in the organization and responsibilities.  It was in the last coaching session with Dr. Anita that really hit home with me.  She was inspiring, motivating and captivating.

If you look back in your life, there are people that help change/shape the direction in which you are going. I have to say that Dr. Anita is one of those individuals. She eloquently leads and teaches you to be your best self and her questioning of your motives and desires allows you to self-reflect and see what is most important to you. Anyone who coaches with Anita will be successful.

Allow her to help you ... where you are destined to go.

"Through work,I learned about a leadership certificate course which Dr. Anita happened to teach. One night, she asked each student to discuss what they were most passionate about. I shared that I had just started my own event company, but that I was apprehensive about the first event being successful.


As Part of her facilitation method, Dr Anita sprang into action and coached me through my anxiety as an example to my co-leaders about how to re-frame our challenges. Right then, she helped me brainstorm a plan that ensured the success of my event, and it surpassed my own expectations!


I am proud to say that Dr. Anita is my mentor and a dear friend who continues to coach me through my business endeavors and general life concerns. Without hesitation, I highly recommend connecting with Dr. Anita as she has an extraordinary way of showing you that the perceived giants you face can be overcome in small conquerable tasks."


Alexandria Leak

President & CEO, Just Pass Go Events


"For the past three years, I’ve been struggling with defining and implementing an effective marketing strategy. I had worked with a coach before and made such little progress in this area that my marketing challenges persisted for another 3 years. In just one month, without even knowing my specific business, Dr. Anita helped me identify real vs. perceived issues and drill down to the right solution. She knew from the start that I had the answers. What made the difference was her structured approach that was both enlightening and empowering."

Daniel Sirvent

Investment Banker

Colleen K. Heykoop

Organizational Development Professional

"When I first met Dr. Anita, she was joining a volunteer board that I was directing. Little did she know that I was questioning my role as director and mulling over a complete change in career. It turns out her placement on my board was providential. In less than a year, I was unemployed and unclear as to what to do next. Dr. Anita coached me through the transition and remains my sounding board and source of wisdom.


It was Dr. Anita’s warmth and insight that quickly drew me to her. It is her unflatering belief in me and my future that makes her an incaluable coach and friend.

I encourage you to reach out to Dr. Anita and consider how a coaching relationship with her can set you on your right path. It will be an investment in yourself that will reap a lifetime of benefits."


"I’m so glad I started this journey. Working with Dr. Anita is truly a rich blessing in my life. I can count on her to ask those though-provoking questions. Her couching is guiding me to become what I am meant to be, about living a life that is full of passion, purpose and impact. It has given me the ability to focus on something concrete and see it evolve by making practical yet attainable goals.I’m so glad I started this journey."


Giana Alexander

DoD Project Manager


"It was largely due to Dr. Anita’s courageous coaching style that I was able to successfully manage three competing priorities of family, career, and academic pursuits and finally complete my Ph. D. while at the same time transition into my dream career, both within a year’s time.


I refer to her coaching style as courageous because it centered around her willingness to ask the tough questions and hold me accountable. I had tried a couple of coaches prior to Dr. Anita and they did not work out, primarily because they were too wimpy.


It was too easy to give them “explanations” for my lack of progress and enroll them in my excuses. Dr. Anita had NONE of that. My lame excuses would not work with her and I felt compelled to deliver on my commitments to her that benefitted me. Her tough questions helped me get to the core of my self-imposed obstacles and achieve my big goals."

Dr. Bill Jacox

HR Division Manager & Director

Spencer Kenney
Client Service Manager – Financial Services

I am in a phase of professional exploration but lacked the framework and structure to make positive and meaningful progress in my search. But I found the most amazing coach in Dr. Anita. She is empathetic, insightful, and capable. She creates a space that is inviting, productive, and without judgement. She is also very professional and dedicated to her clients.

In this safe environment we were able to breakdown where I was, define my goals, and identify the steps I can take to make meaningful change in my life. I feel empowered to take on this journey in an effective and intentional way, and now have a framework to operate in.

I came to Dr. Anita feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed by the vastness of the job market place and shrouded in uncertainty.

With Dr. Anita’s leadership, we were able to create the structure I needed with timelines and definable goals to create momentum. The action plan and discussions have opened my eyes to new approaches that are exciting, unique, and honest to whom I am.

Dr. Anita opened my eyes to strategies that I had not previously considered, as well as readjusting my perspectives of methods I had shied away from. I have set-up meetings with numerous contacts across multiple sectors that would not have been realized without our sessions. I also created a list of questions to ask with these contacts and reviewed them with Dr. Anita to ensure I get the most out of these meetings.

I am thankful for the sessions I had with Dr. Anita, and will elicit her counsel as I move forward in my process.


Lynette Hackler

Business Development Representative

Dr. Anita helped me to clarify priorities. I thought my main goal, with regards to coaching would be career-oriented, not realizing that there were some personal needs that had to be addressed before we arrived to the topic of my career. It set me on a path to mental and physical well-being, and reminded me that I was the priority. Dr. Anita’s straight-forward and direct approach includes a strategy that allows one to come to their own conclusion, rather than giving the answers away. I believe we come to know ourselves better when we find our own answers, our own directive 


Dr. Anita keenly understands how to assist with the direct route to those answers. She also has a process to help you transition your current situation to setting a path for your goals that breaks each item in to attainable steps. I highly recommend calling on Dr. Anita as an objective, direct guide to taking action on the things in life that are most important to you.

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