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Rose Colored Glasses (3 of 4) | Change Your Future

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

The second thing that came to mind about the definition of the term rose-colored glasses as NOT wanting to talk about something because it might upset you or somebody else is akin to wearing blinders. Blinders create tunnel vision which prevents us from holding a panoramic view of the world around us both literally and figuratively.

In practical terms, if you tried to drive with blinders on, how on earth would you be able to safely merge into another lane if you can’t see who’s already there? In the same way, how can we be expected to merge into the lives of our fellow human beings unless we are able to acknowledge the path they are on that sometimes crosses with our own? We can’t. And we probably shouldn’t even try. But we do, and that’s what causes collisions of the soul that damage the spirit and make Belonging elusive in the world and in the workplace.

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