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Belonging is a Matter of Perspective (4 of 4) | Full Court Press

Although this series of blogs was framed around the sport of basketball in recognition of March Madness, the focus has been on the benefit of diverse strengths, perspectives, problem-solving, roles on a team similar to positions in sports, etc., in ways that demonstrate belonging.

When a team is operating well together and can see the big picture, they might employ a full court press strategy – where the team goes all out all together to provide maximum pressure on the challenges at hand of improving employee experiences, igniting employee engagement, and increasing workforce sustainability. This can be done most effectively through player-to-payer relationship building. In this approach, the entire team is called into action at the same time, each player knowing their role and what their goal is. In this way, again, the team has to rely on everyone bringing their best to those moments and when done well, it can result in every player experiencing a strong sense of belonging – knowing they are part of a whole, working in concert, to achieve the desired outcome – victory!

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