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Celebrating AAPI Month 3 of 4 | Pursue Inclusivity & Belonging

There are many different ways that organizations can contribute to greater understanding of the varied Asian American and Pacific Islander lives that people are living, as well as their workplace experiences. A general approach, which I often refer to, is to learn to get comfortable with the discomfort of having new and different kinds of conversations with others.

First, education and awareness about the similarities and differences between various Asian American and Pacific Island nations and subcultures can help create empathy and understanding.

Second, addressing stereotypes and biases head-on is crucial to building bridges between cultures.

Third, through active allyship, all employees can work together to support each other and promote inclusion in the workplace.

Finally, companies can advocate for policies and programs that support the advancement and well-being of Asian American and Pacific Islander employees.

To implement any of the suggestions I’ve just mentioned could include the establishment of mentorship programs, leadership development opportunities, or addressing pay inequities. Recognizing and implementing the need for diverse styles of management can create a more open, inclusive, and welcoming environment for everyone.

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