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A Subtle Awakening (2 of 4) | Sleepwalkers Are Dangerous to Themselves and Others

From what I have observed and heard, Critical Race Theory leaves people woke and startled. They’ve become woke after a life-long deep sleep because of a loud noise that is a broader social awakening. It's jarring. It’s unsettling. It brings on a slight panic because they aren’t sure what woke them up. Sometimes when people are suddenly woke, it's dangerous.

For example, it’s been said that if you wake someone who's been sleepwalking it can be very risky, because when they're awakened suddenly, anything can happen. They are disoriented, unaware of their surroundings, and may feel threatened by the unknown thing that has caused their wokeness. Similarly, when we think about the collective American consciousness, some people have been sleepwalking for years.

While it’s past time to be woke as a society, some folks will require a more gentle awakening, so that the person who has been sleepwalking, and the person that wakes them, are both safe when the realization of wokeness happens. I think we've been too abrupt in some instances during the process of getting folks woke in a manner that people can accept the dawning of a new day. Don’t get me wrong. I’m NOT saying we allow people to continue sleepwalking through our various states of becoming more and more socially conscious as a society. I’m saying that we need to meet people where they are.

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