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Balancing Culture and Belonging (4 of 5) | Exploring Culture

Updated: Jun 5

Pat Wadors, a recent guest on my Real Conversations from the C-Suite, is the Chief People Officer at UKG, which stands for United, Kind, and Growing! They are in the business of HR, payroll, and workforce management and their purpose is people. I love that! In my work, I do my best to align people, passion, and purpose so Pat and I had a lot in common. On top of her responsibilities as the Chief People Officer for UKG, Pat is also a board member and a LinkedIn instructor, so many of you may already know who she is.

As I was exploring the phenomenal culture at UKG, I discovered it was a result of inclusive design. It focuses on making sure leaders are asking the right questions, about the right topics, of the right people, to get the right culture.

In this process of exploring culture, we also discovered that diversity washing, diversity fatigue, and the challenge of balancing culture and belonging are being experienced in cultures across the nation at various levels. Which of these challenges are showing up in your culture and what do you need to explore?

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