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Behind the Mic with Dr. Anita (1 of 9) | A New Season

Welcome to spring, which officially arrived about two weeks ago. We often think of this season as an opportunity for new beginnings and discoveries.

The old saying that “April showers bring May flowers” alludes to the fact that enduring a temporary, unpleasant deluge of water is necessary to provide the environment for new growth. Did it ever occur to you that spring showers are not limited to the outside?

Sometimes, we benefit from a season of reflection that results in some much needed, cleansing tears. And once that temporary, unpleasant deluge of emotional soaking has passed, our souls have been refreshed and are ready to plant seeds for new personal growth.

Some of us were raised with the expectation to roll up our sleeves and engage in spring cleaning around the house to clear away things that no longer serve us in the home, to identify and make room for what is functional, whole, and nourishes our everyday atmosphere.

Similarly, some of us take the time to conduct a personal inventory to clean up “stinking thinking” about ourselves that is necessary to help to identify and make room for what no longer serves us as individuals. This form of spring cleaning may lead to clarifying our values and reprioritizing what we THINK matters with what DOES matter.

As an activity that will feed your leadership soul, reconsider the practice of making declarations and instead focus on your intentions. That means different things to different people, and I’d love to hear how that paradigm shift works for you.

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