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Behind the Mic with Dr. Anita (4 of 9) | My Approach to Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

As a Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, also known as DIB, Consultant, I help C-suite leaders & teams navigate complexity and change associated with DIB efforts by first emphasizing Change-the-culture behaviors, not check-the-box initiatives; second by focusing on opportunities to Know & Grow vs. promoting Shame & Blame; and third by prioritizing the cultivation of Real Relationships that transform race relations.

As the author of 7 books about various facets of leadership, team dynamics, and culture transformation, the host of my Keeping It Real with Dr. Anita weekly podcast, and as an international speaker, I am uniquely qualified to deliver the message that Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging are crucial to workforce sustainability today.

I make it a point to LEAD WITH THE BUSINESS and make connections to the PEOPLE THAT DRIVE THE BUSINESS. In today’s environment, businesses that fail to cultivate a sense of belonging for employees and consumers will fail to thrive, and possibly cease to exist.

As an activity that will feed your leadership soul, think about YOUR approach to Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging in the workplace and in your other social circles. And if you come up short in terms of evidence that Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging efforts are successful AND sustainable, ask yourself this question: Why not?

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