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Behind the Mic with Dr. Anita (5 of 9) | What Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging is and is NOT

I encourage people to explore both the existing individual and corporately curated ABCs, or Attitudes, Beliefs, and Conversations we hold that are shaped early in our lives, then to realize that DIB requires us to examine how we ACT which is my acronym for Approach, Connect & Tap.

Approaching others with an open heart is so much more about ourselves and our willingness and ability to open our hearts to identify and eliminate the assumptions, interpretations, and limiting beliefs we sometimes use as filters when we engage with others. Then we can better Connect to understand the lived experiences of others by simply listening. Finally, we can Tap into diversity by being culturally curious, not only about individuals, but about the sub-cultures within organizations, such as the sub-cultures of executives, administrative professionals, engineers, salespeople, and the list goes on.

As an activity that will feed your leadership soul, think about what Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging means to you and how you ACT in terms of your approach, ability to connect, and your readiness to tap into diversity by being curious.

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