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Behind the Mic with Dr. Anita (9 of 9) | A Conversation that Converts-to-Action

Over the past eight weeks, I’ve shared with you insights from my season of reflection to gain clarity, glimpses into who I am, the approach I take to reframing diversity conversations from difficult to different, why I prioritize belonging, and how I link the 3 Practices of the Table, Hearth and Commons to workforce sustainability, good corporate citizenship, and bottom-line results.

Over the next 30-days, I encourage you to be INTENTIONAL about your personal role in attaining Belonging by considering and practicing-- ON A REGULAR BASIS-- AT LEAST 1 of these four behaviors

  • What can you STOP doing, like applying your assumptions, interpretations, and limiting beliefs as a filter through which you view others?

  • What can you START doing, like being culturally curious, which, again, includes understanding corporate subcultures?

  • What can you do MORE of, like listening with your heart?

  • What can you do LESS of, like judging with your mind?

Finally, and most importantly, as an ONGOING activity that will feed your leadership soul, get in the habit of KEEPING IT REAL with YOURSELF about how you are personally aligned with Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging in ways that encourage introspection that is crucial to knowing & growing WITHOUT FEELING shame & blame.

Thank you for investing your time with me every Saturday over the past two months and getting behind the mic. I hope that you took advantage of the call to action to feed your leadership soul after each blog, especially this one.

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