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Celebrating Juneteenth (3 of 4) | Self-Study Leads to Self-Discovery

There are many ways that ALL people can celebrate Juneteenth without trivializing its importance for Black Americans or alienating other members of society without making it the work of Black Americans to educate other members of society about Juneteenth.

One way is to educate oneself about the history and significance of the Juneteenth holiday by reading articles or books, watching documentaries or films, or attending educational events and webinars.

Encouraging open and respectful dialogue about the circumstances surrounding Juneteenth and creating safe and inclusive spaces for employees to share their thoughts and feelings is critical to appreciating the significance of Juneteenth by all Americans. This can be done by setting ground rules for the discussion, such as listening without judgment, being respectful of different viewpoints, and refraining from personal attacks or inflammatory language. By promoting curiosity, along with open and honest exploratory communication, these discussions can be designed as an opportunity to learn from one another and to build stronger relationships based on mutual respect and understanding.

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