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Celebrating Juneteenth (4 of 4) | Knowing and Growing Together

Growth happens when we choose to become comfortable with the temporary discomfort that leads to an ongoing process of raising our awareness in pursuit of personal growth that is evident in the ways we show up in society and in the workplace.

Most of us have not been taught all the nuances of our national history – July 4 is a clear one that we ALL learn about growing up and learn to celebrate it in various ways, depending on our family traditions or neighborhood events. Juneteenth is an important part of our national history, too, but was not so universally taught and recognized until more recently. Not knowing something because we were never taught it is not our fault – but we do have a responsibility to continue to learn about both our own histories and those of the people we live and work with each day.

It is important to recognize and honor Juneteenth as a celebratory holiday that both commemorates a significant event in American history and recognizes the ongoing struggle for economic and racial justice. By educating oneself, supporting Black-owned businesses and organizations, and participating in community events and discussions, all people can respect the significance of Juneteenth in ways that uphold its importance for Black Americans.

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