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Celebrating Valentine’s Day (2 of 4) | The Cost of Love

And here are the Top 5 Valentine’s Day Facts from 2021:

The total Valentine’s Day spending was $21.8 Billion, or $164.76 per person celebrating the occasion.

Men spent more than twice as much as women, at a rate of $231 spent by men vs. $101 spent by women.

The amount Americans spent on jewelry was $4.1B, on flowers was $2B and on candy was $2B, totaling $8.1 Billion.

Overall, online dating activity increased by 33% across the US between February 1 and February 14.

And it is reported that in 2021, 1 in 6 married couples met online.

What I found in terms of the evolution of Valentine’s Day was interesting, and not at all what I expected, to say the least.

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