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Declaring Our Workplace Independence (5 of 5) | Workplace Interdependence For All

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Let’s take the time to ask people how they’re showing up and what they need from the team to avoid misinterpreting the actions of someone who seems to be standoffish, with someone who is actually doing all they can to hold it together for fear that one touch on the shoulder by a colleague out of concern can bring someone to tears for reasons they don’t feel safe to share.

Most importantly, this Independence Day, I hope you declare your independence from feeling the need to be independent, especially in the workplace. As a Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging consultant, I am focused on the fact that inclusivity and belonging are critical to employee experiences, which influences employee engagement, which increases workforce sustainability and impacts the bottom line. We all need each other. And that is a declaration that will never change.

This month, I’ve been delighted to have Mr. Michael Bush, CEO at Great Place to Work, joining me for another Real Conversation from the C-suite. In our first conversation, we heard about Mr. Bush’s journey in corporate America and how he became CEO of THE organization that helps other organizations determine how well they are aligning their stated and demonstrated values to be recognized as an employer of choice.

In our second conversation, we spent time digging into some of the data I presented about the workforce of the future and what that means for organizational belief systems still claiming that well qualified, diverse candidates are hard to find.

In our third conversation, we explored why the words “Inclusivity and Belonging” are trending while the word “diversity” seems to be taking a back seat, and “neurodiversity” is on the rise.

And finally, we discussed Mr. Bush’s perspective on the workplace of the future and how organizations can partner with Great Place to Work to help them transform aspirational visions of their workforce into reality for employees, shareholders, and consumers in the marketplace.

The amount of time we got to spend with Mr. Bush was a rarity, and I hope you joined me for every insightful chat that he and I shared. If not, you can find them in the July 2023 series of podcasts on my website at

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