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Laboring for Justice as a Labor of Love (2 of 5) | Justice For All Means Justice for ALL

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

We're witnessing a disheartening parallel between the arguments made against affirmative action and the wavering commitment to DEI within our organizations. It's as though the fight for equal access and representation has encountered a new battlefield. But let me be clear - this is not a time for complacency. It's a call to action.

From my perspective as a Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging consultant, I've seen both triumphs and setbacks. We must recognize that the decline in corporate commitment to DEI isn't just about policy changes; it's about the lived experiences of individuals who are systematically excluded from opportunities they deserve as capable, insightful, talented people who are key to corporate goal achievement when given the chance to be recognized as valuable contributors. The implications of the trend I am seeing in the decline of a corporate commitment to DEI are far-reaching, touching every facet of our society, from employment prospects to the broader social fabric.

Almost weekly, we are made aware of instances where the decline in DEI commitment has given rise to discriminatory practices in hiring, promotions, and even in the daily interactions within workplaces. We may have personally seen – or even experienced – how constant microaggressions erode morale, and we've heard the silent cries of employees – in some cases our peers -- who feel excluded and marginalized. Despite the current landscape, we still have – we must have – hope.

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