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Laboring for Justice as a Labor of Love (5 of 5) | Power to the People Through Legal Empowerment

People like attorney Joseph Richardson, managing Partner with the McCune Law Group where he leads the firm’s Racial & Economic Justice practice is definitely a catalyst for change. This practice group is designed to be a voice for the community; it is intentionally and uniquely positioned to bring actions against entities and institutions whose policies disproportionately harm people of color in the workplace and the consumer/small business marketplace. The group encompasses areas including employment, civil rights, and consumer and small business class actions.

Through his work and that of his practice group, people are made aware of any notable instances where the decline in a commitment to DEI in corporate America has led to discriminatory practices in hiring, promotions, or workplace environments. As a result, concerned corporate citizens can understand what proactive legal strategies or innovative approaches he recommends to encourage and ensure a sustained commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in corporate America that isn’t forced, but is grounded in achieving a sense of belonging for all employees. In that sense, laboring for justice is a labor of love that we can all participate in.

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