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Mindfulness Matters (1 of 4) | Motivation

We’re in the swing of summer and in recent weeks, it’s gotten hot all across the nation. I hope you are staying hydrated and being mindful of the fact that we’re still battling an invisible enemy in the form of a pandemic. Do what you need to do to keep yourself healthy and strong because we need each other.

Which brings me to the topic of the month: being mindful of ourselves and each other. Recently, I’ve begun a new podcast series called Real Conversations with the C-Suite and I’m being intentional about talking with executives from a more personal perspective specific to diversity, inclusion & belonging.

In my work as a C-Suite trusted advisor and board director, I am mindful about how the tone-at-the top can be perceived differently throughout an organization. So, I am intentional about helping executives reframe diversity conversations from being difficult to different. I do my best to be mindful of the people I talk with and of their role as executives who are people first, and leaders of people second.

To be fully transparent, this work isn’t always easy. As a matter of fact, five years ago when I facilitated my first diversity workshop using materials designed by the client, I was sure that diversity work wasn’t the path for me. I finally realized that I had to really sit with myself, my values, my voice and decide who and how I wanted to be in this work. I invite you to do the same.

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