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Supreme Court Decisions and Destinies (2 of 4) | The Trickle Down Effect

When companies fail to prioritize DEI efforts, it sends a message that diversity is no longer a strategic priority. This lack of support leaves Chief Diversity Officers isolated and burnt out, unable to effect meaningful change without the necessary resources and executive buy-in.

In light of these challenges, we must consider the role of executive search and consulting firms and the impacts they can have specific to developing and promoting more diverse leadership pipelines that will continue to emphasize diversity & inclusion as a critical factor in global business strategies.

Those of us laboring in the DEI space find ourselves at a critical juncture where our influence and expertise can shape the future of leadership pipelines in organizations. It is no longer enough to merely tick the diversity box. We must continue to advocate for intentional and holistic approaches to diversify leadership at all levels, including the C-suite.

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