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The Scary Trend Around Diversity (4 of 4) | You Can Co-Create the Future

Real change requires effort, but it's an effort worth making. It's about acknowledging that diversity, equity, inclusion and especially belonging aren't just buzzwords. They're fundamental principles that should guide every aspect of our corporate culture.

The trend of shying away from the term "diversity" in corporate circles reflects the evolving conversation on this critical issue. However, it shouldn’t diminish the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives in our workplaces.

Understanding the perspectives of the five generations in our workforce is vital, and the key takeaway is clear: we must continue to push for progress, ask the right questions and take decisive action to co-create a more equitable and inclusive future.

What can you and your team do today to engage the existing diversity of your colleagues? Might it be having lunch-and-learns with each other where you can listen to each other’s histories and perspectives on the workplace today? Might it be sharing an article on a relevant topic that could be discussed in cross-functional teams? Might it be creating new avenues for input, feedback and suggestions that are really listened and responded to in meaningful ways? I encourage you to find the 1 thing you can do TODAY to keep moving forward to that future!

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